Welcome to my Lab.

C4D Scripts

Free scripts that hopefully make your life a little bit easier. Save time on repetitive tasks, and hopefully learn one or two new things by studying the open source code.

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Behind the Scenes

Every now and then I will post some new “Behind the Scenes” Material. Enjoy the peak behind the curtain, while I’m still hiding in the dark corner over here.

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Tips & Tricks

I will try to post these Tips & Tricks as much as I can. Mostly scripts or little “Quicktips” around C4D, After-Effects and every other software I’m learning along the way.

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Copy Spline-Points for Houdini Curves-Node

I recently wanted the ability to create and edit splines in Cinema 4D and quickly copy those over to Houdini. This little code-snippet let’s you do this! Feel free to change the “scalefactor” (line 29) for your project…
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C4D Quicktip: Kill Tags

Quickly delete all Tags with a specific ID. Super useful to clean up Scenes containing a lot of 3rd party and/or unnecessary Tags.Read More

The Art Of Styleframe

Some of my Styleframes have just been published on The Art of Styleframe!
There are definetly one or three that

have never been published before…
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