I’ve had the pleasure to help the talented guys from weareflink on this beautiful project.
You can also find a video of my process here or on Vimeo:

The 50″ ad brings together 39 of the BBC’s learning titles into one carefully crafted movie, combining a large variety of subjects and content into one visually connected piece.

Client: BBC
Agency: Y&R London
Production Company: Indy8
Executive Producer: Andreas Lampe
Director: weareflink
Creative lead: Daniel Balzer
Producers: Charlie Stanfield, Ilka Hollmann
CG Artists: Daniel Balzer, Lasse Clausen, Martin Hess, Myrna Kinnman, Frank Spalteholz, Rafael Vicente
Compositing Artist: Martin Hess
Editing: Daniel Balzer, Martin Hess
Sound design: Chris Turner @ Jungle
Music arrangement and production: Fred Ashworth @ Native