There where 3 spots to produce and we split the work, so everyone of us was responsible for one film. The main film though was more or less a “big” team approach.
So I was responsible for the Rabbit-Spot (5/6).
You can also see a little demo of the rig that i build for the dirty little rabbit at the end of the slides (6/6).

Product: TV-Commercial
Client: Bosch Home Appliance, China
Agency: Interone Beijing
Executive Creative Director: Georg Warga
Creative Director: Kathrin Guethoff
Copy Writer: Brandon Burns
Production Company: weareflink
Director: weareflink
Creative Lead: Niko Tziopanos
Producer: Andreas Lampe
CG Artists & Compositing: Niko Tziopanos, Lasse Clausen, Alex Heyer, Phillip von Preuschen
Sound Design: Supreme Music, Hamburg

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